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Bullzi Business Consulting
Bullzi Business Consulting
Bullzi Business Consulting
Bullzi Business Consulting

First, focus on your business and your unique value proposition. What do you want to do that no one else does? If you're good at it and you become successful, you will have competition.

Compeitition is a healthy part of your environment. To thrive and survive in your envirionment you need to be aware of your competition, and adapt.

Competition can give you clues to trends that can disrupt your business.

Competitive Analysis

Bullzi Business Consulting
Bullzi Business Consulting

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Why is this Valuable to you?

If you ever need a loan, your banker will compare you expenses to industry averages to see if you're running your business well.
You need to know how your competition performs, so you can demostrate your viability, or at least be prepared to explain the variances.

Even if you never need a loan, you need to know how your expenses stack up. Are your margins and profitability competitive? If they're not, you may be in trouble. It's better to know sooner, rather than later.

If you're planning a new business, are your projected expenses accurate? Your banker will know. Are you projections guesses, or based on averages of business your size in your area? Don't be embarrassed by a weak plan.

Take advantage of the data that already exists in your environment. Build a plan with real numbers instead of guesses. Be confident in your plan, and make smart decisions.

Learn about your competition. Know what they spend. Avoid surprises.

Uderstanding your customers comes first. Understanding your competition comes next.


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